To Have a Bodyguard or To Be One

If you happen to be among the select individuals who find the need for a bodyguard, you might not be so worried about the price of that specific service. However, for the rest of us, have you asked yourself just how much a contract bodyguard might cost should you seek the services of one?

What if you were considering going into business as a bodyguard, whether on your own or with a company? It is actually good to know going into the endeavor the amount of money you may stand to earn.Company Driver and Bodyguard wanted: Salary R9 000 to R10 000 per month |  iJOBS

Even though earnings differ from state to state based on the local cost of living, the typical income for a full time bodyguard falls between about $52, 000 and $75, 000. The factors include experience level, age, education and industry.

Corporate bodyguards that more typically protect CEOs and executives average yearly earnings of around $54, 000. The highest paid bodyguards are those of the banking market, with average earnings around $77, 000. The entertainment business is between the two with roughly $70, 000.

Do not expect to start your very first day as a bodyguard with an income of this magnitude. The earning potential of close protection officers is one area that increases with time just like any other profession.

More than likely it will be essential to work your way up before you may expect to earn near these types of nationwide average. When you get associated with an agency, you might have more of private security for travel an opportunity for advancement, along with the benefit of having a steady salary.

If doing work for someone else’s company is not your style, perhaps you could be happier operating your own personal bodyguard company. If this basically involves supplying your services to people who require them and collecting the fee, business ought to operate pretty simply.

Nevertheless, it is whenever you choose to expand and possibly take on staff that the company begins to complicate. This really is the day you decide to go from being a bodyguard to becoming a business owner. You then are the one stressing about how exactly to pay your close protection officers what they are worth.

If you happen to be working alone and setting your own prices, it is in your hands to discover what other bodyguards in the area and market are asking for their services. A certified bodyguard for general private sector use can begin at around $65 per hour. Additional bodyguards providing “executive protection” advertise $150-$500 per hour.

The fees for a professional bodyguard differ mainly depending on what part of the country they perform in (Hollywood, Los Angeles and New York are usually more high-priced than, say, Salt Lake City, Utah or Fort Worth, Texas). Along with geographic location, the particular area of expertise and degree of threat will generate the price up too.

Elijah Shaw is a professional bodyguard to such celebrities as Usher and Naomi Campbell. He is as well the CEO of Icon Services Corporation, an executive protection and bodyguard service.

Although his organization might staff up to or over a hundred bodyguards, Elijah can certainly still be observed providing his personal protection to Hollywood’s elite for the bargain price of about $3000 per hour.

He can impose this amount simply because he has made a name for himself in his market and is consistently seen with celebrities, which helps make other celebrities demand him even more.

Should you be budgeting for a bodyguard, you will probably be able to find one in your price range, provided the wide variety bodyguards offered. Determine what types of services you require, exactly what level of security you will need and for what period of time.

24-7 protection is substantially more expensive than obtaining a bodyguard for a couple hours to escort you on a high risk business deal. Once you know what you need, being looking for bodyguard services in your area, and make sure to check out credentials.

They have got absolutely no right charging an arm and a leg if they are not qualified, trained and bonded. In personal protection services, you get what you pay for.

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