Airsoft Guns – Some Basic Safety Guidelines

 Airsoft Guns – Some Basic Safety Guidelines


Airsoft guns are non-lethal replicas of real firearms and used generally within a game format at designated places. Despite their quite safe-sounding name, airsoft guns although  .458 socom ammo not lethal can be very dangerous. However, with the right air soft gun safety equipment and an adherence to some basic safety guidelines, you can shoot without fear of unexpectedly injuring yourself or someone else. Read on for some basic guidelines for the use of airsoft guns.

1) Always treat airsoft guns as if they are loaded and handle them with care.

2) Do not shoot your gun at anything other than an official safety target. Only put your finger on the trigger if you are ready to fire your gun. Accidental firing particularly at close range can result in damaged eyes or lost teeth.

3) Do not brandish an airsoft gun in a public place. They should be used in designated areas for airsoft gun use.

4) A note to parents of children using airsoft guns. If your child brings an airsoft gun to school or uses it in any other public place they run the risk of being suspended or even arrested. In the worst case scenario they risk being shot by a police officer as airsoft guns are often excellent copies of real firearms and can quite easily be mistaken for the real thing.

5) To minimize the potential for unexpected injury, always be aware of what is behind, beyond and either side of your target before you fire your gun at your target.

6) Airsoft guns shoot plastic pellets at a slower rate than that of a real firearm. Therefore airsoft guns can be used to shoot at human targets without injury but under certain conditions. The most important condition is eyewear. Never shoot at someone who is not wearing proper protective eyewear. Recommended eyewear are eye goggles rated at least ANSI Z87.1 or goggles used for paintball. Always wear eye goggles yourself when you are using airsoft guns.



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